Question: If there’s so much information out there about fitness and nutrition, then why are most people still struggling to get the body they want?

After more than 10 years in this industry, I can confidently say the reason most people reliably fail to get in shape comes down to one key factor: They don’t have anyone looking out for them, catering to their needs, or keeping them accountable.

Like so many other things in life, there’s a huge difference between:

Trying to figure everything out on your own.
Trusting the wrong sources.
Having a trusted expert guide you every step of the way.

People hire Spartan Daddy Fitness when they’ve exhausted the first two options and are ready to outsource the details of their health and fitness to experts who truly care—and who know how to deliver impressive, long-lasting results.
Coach Nemo - CEO & Founder
Nemanja “Coach Nemo” Kalanovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he lived for 26 years prior embarking his world travel journey in 2013.

Coach Nemo is the owner and the driving force behind Spartan Daddy Fitness, company offering a different, holistic approach to health and fitness coaching, specifically designed for parents, as himself is a dad of 4, and plans on having more children.

He believes it is important to train all areas of your being, not just the physical body. While Coach Nemo’s unique approach is based on a deep understanding of the body, he integrates the equally important elements of mind and spirit to help his clients achieve and sustain their goals, and create new identity.

As former athlete, Coach Nemo used to spend every waking moment training to become a professional basketball player. But a career-ending ankle injury abruptly changed the trajectory of his life and profession, and he began the search for a meaningful new future.

After 10 years of neglect and soul searching, Coach Nemo ended up with Degree in Marketing and working in a bank for 5 years. As financial expert, his job was stressful and draining, which led to damage to his body and mind. After unfortunate death of his best friend, Igor, Coach Nemo had an epiphany and realized he cannot continue being on the path of bad lifestyle, stress, low self esteem and depression. The same day he quit smoking and 6 days later joined the gym. Since then, 2011, his journey from one career to another started and it continues to evolve and expand. 

After getting his initial FISAF international certification, his life took uphill trajectory to success in fitness and wellness, which led him to sign 7 contracts with world's most known Cruise Lines as a Wellness Director.

After 5 years on cruise ships, over 70 visited countries and over 1000 health and wellness seminars conducted, he decided to settle in beautiful twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago with his wife and kids, and start new business, Spartan Daddy Fitness, because he believes that parents are real world warriors who sacrifice everything they've got for their families.
Coach Nemo says it best:
" I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with a desire to become the best version of yourself. And the best version is the one where your life is at balance physically, spiritually and mentally." 

The best version of a parent is the one that is an idol to his/her kids, and a unbeatable SUPERPARENT. 

As a professional fitness coach, Nemo's passion is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle through his signature Hexagon Method System. Each body is unique, with its own strengths and limitations. His method is to build a custom plan based on his client’s shape, size, and fitness goals. Coach Nemo’s aim is not only to transform the body, but to influence his clients to make mindful decisions in creating and maintaining their health for life.
Coach Steff - COO & Head Coach
Stefan Veljic, also known as Coach Steff, is 24 years old health coach based in Belgrade, Serbia. Having his age in mind, following biography could seem little bit overwhelming, but since he started his career at young age and has been focused throughout the process, his achievements speak for themselves.

During his early childhood, he was raised in a big family as an only child. In case you didn’t know, grandparents in Serbia have tendency to express their love through food and get easily offended if you refuse to empty your plate, several times a day. That lead to obesity at the young age, mainly because of the tradition and customs respected in his family and the country. Later, in elementary school, Stefan has experienced first signs of bullying because of his weight. Since he didn’t want to be a victim of circumstances, he took situation and his condition in his own hands. He forced himself to sports, kick box precisely. Results were quickly visible, and he has continued to be dedicated to healthy lifestyle ever since! He was also the chosen one as the leader of kick boxing group,as well to tailor the strategy of drills and prepare his group for competitions. For the first time in life, Stefan has experienced the feeling of responsibility and dependency of his ways of action, at the age of 17.
As a professional athlete, he has participated in several championships across the country, which resulted in regional vice-champion Title for the year 2018.

From kickboxing career, he tried himself in every fitness niche possible. Desire to learn and to have professional background about his passion has taken him to FISAF International Academy where he has completed his knowledge both practically and theoretically. Never-stopping will for personal growth has brought many challenges upon him at young age such as 21.
The biggest one was working for big corporation worldwide as Wellness Director. What that has brought for young Steff, was not just lifetime experience, but also opportunity to inspire large groups of people and to share his story, as well as journey and to be motivation for audience with similar obstacles.

What would be characteristic for him, is that some consider his stubborn dedication as main tool when it comes to working with others on their path to healthier versions of themselves. Moreover, the fact that he has experienced obesity and unhealthy lifestyle on his skin makes him a living proof that change is possible and much needed to fulfill your potential.

His coaching is orientated on achieving the best version of yourself, without any restrictions, on any schedule. What Stefan likes to say is: “When there is a will there is also a way, and I can assure I can make impossible - possible, only in presence of will from your side! “

"I was running for King of Carnival 2020, and needed fast and the best results. I saw Nemo's other client's post that blew my mind as it was so long, honest and praising. I made a call, and we scheduled consultation. The rest is history. I had trainers all my life, but Nemo got me from point A to point B in only 8 weeks. I am in best shape of my life, and I am 40 yo! Nemo is so knowledgable, and now I really see why I didn't have results before. His method is so easy to follow, and he will make sure he is holding you accountable for every step you take."

Fareid Carvalho, CEO at Carvalho Production, Carvalho
Theater & Carvalho Dolls
"For years I used to hire the best trainers in the country and overpaying their hourly rates WITHOUT any result. I struggled with body image and confidence for the longest while. I saw Nemo's ad on Facebook and decided to book consultations. His approach was something new to me. He actually asked the right questions that made me think he can really help me with my struggles. This is my second round with him, and now we have new goals :) . At 49 yo, my blood work was never this good, my energy is great, and my confidence skyrocketed. Thank you for everything, Nemo!"

Mark Datandeen, Exclusive Clothing Store Owner
PILLARS of SUCCESS with Spartan Daddy Fitness
  •  You are the focus: Unlike most coaching services, our fitness and nutrition programs are customized to your schedule, your preferences, and your level of experience. You interact with your coaches every week. No one-size-fits-all templates. Everything is customized specifically for you.
  •  Coaches that care: Spartan Daddy Fitness is a family. We’ll remember your kid’s names; we’ll send you gifts for big life events; and we’ll always be here to listen, no matter what’s going on in your life. It’s an honor to be a part of your journey, and we want you to feel supported in every way.
  •  Take the stress out of fitness and nutrition: No more worrying about what to eat, how to exercise, or what to do next. Your only job is to show up and follow the plan. Confused? Ask questions and we'll simplify. Leave all the details to us, and get on with the rest of your day.
  • Adjusts to your schedule and preferences: Going on vacation? No problem. Traveling for work? We'll help you out. Want to skip the gym and exercise at home? We got you. No matter what you’ve got going on in your life, we'll adjust your plan so you can stay consistent and continue getting great results.
  •  Designed for real life: Want to have ice cream in your diet? We'll make it happen. Love beer or Italian wines? We won't deprive you of the stuff you love. Instead of crazy-strict dieting rules, we'll work together to create a simple plan that gets great results - without making you the “weird person” at dinner.
  •  Built for results that don’t disappear: Instead of quick fixes that don't stick, we play the long game and require a 3 month minimum commitment. Why? Because we’ve coached thousands of people and have found that it requires 3-6 months for 95% of people to hit their goals. We know you’re here for accountability, and this is part of it. We don’t want you to quit before you hit your goals. We also believe in solutions that last. We want you to get great results now - that you keep for the rest of your life. In fact, most of our clients decide to stick with us for a full year or more, just to keep the positive changes coming and keep life stress free and simple. From vacation to life on the road, we adapt to your needs.
What's different about Spartan Daddy Fitness Coaching?
Most online coaching services (and most fitness experts) use generic exercise and diet templates. That means the same program for everyone - regardless of age, experience, or goals.
But at Spartan Daddy Fitness everything from the nutrition plan to the exercise program is customized to our clients’ schedule, lifestyle, and personal preferences. That level of personalization is why we only take a limited number of clients every year.
Do I need to be in the US to join Spartan Daddy Fitness?
Nope. We’ve had clients from all over the world, including the U.K, South Africa, Germany, China, Australia, Canada, Trinidad, Serbia, Nigeria, Kuwait and many, many more. We’d love to have you, no matter where you’re from.
What if I'm a complete beginner?
We love beginners! Our goal is to help you become 100% confident with exercise and nutrition - without needing to think about it all the time. No matter your goal, we’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure you’re always following the right plan for your body.
What if I'm more advanced?
We’ve worked with a lot of intermediate and advanced clients, too. Some of them come to us with years of experience, but are tired of doing the same routine. Other people “know what to do” when it comes to exercise and nutrition - but they struggle to do it consistently. We’ll help you get back on track, get better results, and teach you some new things along the way.
What's the time commitment?
Because your nutrition and exercise program are customized for you and your lifestyle, the time commitment is totally dependent on your goals and schedule. If you want to exercise four days a week, we’ll make it happen. If you can only exercise once per week, we’ll take care of you. Coaching is an ongoing process and it adapts with your life. Once you’re in Spartan Daddy Fitness, you’ll work directly with your coach to get the best plan for your body and your schedule.
How customized is Spartan Daddy Fitness Coaching?
Let’s put it this way: If you only want to eat a plant-based diet, we’ll help you do that. If you want to eat Paleo, that’s what we’ll give you. If you don’t know what you want to eat, we’ll work with you to decide which plan is right for you—and then give you everything you need to be successful.
If you have a big event coming up, we’ll help you get prepared. If you go on vacation, we’ll write you a hotel-room workout (or maybe even suggest you take the week off and enjoy yourself). If you have a shoulder injury, we’ll give you exercises to help it get better. If you want to lose weight the first few months and then add muscle the next few months, we’ll help you do that.
You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll help you do it. In other words: It’s very customized.
When can I expect to see results?
When you will see results is completely personal. It depends on your goals, your current lifestyle, and how much work we need to do together. So, if you’re looking for a “quick fix to blast fat and get a six pack!” so some hard sell filled with empty promises, then this isn’t for you.
We’re invested in your success and want to help you over both the short and the long run. That means results that last. So while we’d love to be able to give you a specific answer, here’s what we can say with absolute confidence:
If you follow your coaches suggestions to the best of your ability, you WILL get results with Spartan Daddy Fitness. We guarantee it.

96% percent of our clients hit their goals.
How often will I hear from or interact with my coach?
Having successfully worked with thousands of people, we’ve developed a system that gets our clients incredible results.
Every week you’ll have a set time period to ask questions, get feedback, tell your coach about upcoming challenges you’re anticipating, and ask for any modifications you need.

Also, you will have 24/7 text and email support so you are NEVER alone on your journey.
How much does Spartan Daddy Fitness coaching cost?
Remember: We don’t do generic plans at Spartan Daddy Fitness. Instead, everything is completely customized for your body, your preferences, and your schedule. This attention to quality and personalization is how we’ve been able to help people get the body they want. Your personal exercise program, your personal diet plan, and weekly coach interaction - whenever you need it, and consistent updates to your program will be included in the cost that we will determine on FREE Breakthrough Strategy Session.
Even though my team and I have been coaching clients for years, we still find it amazing what people can accomplish when they stop trying to figure everything out on their own and start following a personalized program.

Fat melts away. Muscle gets uncovered.
Strength increases. Aches and pains are no more.

These breakthroughs only happen when you’re able to let go of the stress of trying to do everything on your own - and instead put your trust in a proven process.

It reminds me of a the popular cliche:


We’ve all heard this, of course.
But have you ever stopped to really think about it?
Have you ever considered whether or not it applies to your life?
Are you following the same exercise program you’ve done before?
Are you constantly jumping from one diet to another…and another…and another?
Are you “all or nothing” - with the balance heavily weighted toward the “nothing”?
Do you struggle to stay consistent, even though you know what to do?

If so, Spartan Daddy Fitness team can help. We’ve worked with thousands of people in the past few years, and know what it takes to get real, long-lasting results.
Results that you can see and feel.

You’ve read this far, so you’ve already seen our process and our results.
Chances are good that we can help you, too.
We’re ready to take the stress off your plate, give you a personalized plan,
and help you finally get the body you want and deserve.

But the next step is yours to take.
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